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Welcome to Our Practice

At Cornerstone Dentistry, we take pride in delivering excellent dentistry with compassion and integrity. We believe that all of our patients should have the opportunity to experience optimal oral health in regards to comfort,

function, and esthetics. Our desire is to build long-term relationships with patients who appreciate quality care and service.

You will notice that this is no ordinary dental office from the moment you first walk in the door. The atmosphere is comfortable and relaxed and the sound of laughter is often the first thing you hear. Our staff is a team of professionals dedicated to making your visits pleasant. They are highly trained and experienced and thoroughly enjoy making your dental experience something to look forward to. You will find that we genuinely care about you and that our ultimate goal is to provide you with the highest quality dental care possible.

Are you happy with your smile? Dr. Hardy and Dr. Wilson, Anderson Cosmetic Dentists, can create the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted using porcelain veneers from some of the top dental ceramists in the country. Are your teeth crooked, crowded, or spaced? Dr. Hardy utilizes Six Month Smiles cosmetic braces to straighten smiles in about six months. He is one of the most experienced providers of Six Month Smiles in the world and is priveledged to be a Mentor and Instructor to other Six Month Smiles providers. Click here to learn about Six Month Smiles. Do you have loose or poor fitting dentures or partial dentures? Dr. Wilson may be able to change your life with Mini Dental Implants. Do you suffer with headaches or jaw pain? Dr. Hardy and Dr. Wilson can customize a mouthpiece specifically for your needs or adjust your bite to alleviate your pain. Do you snore, have sleep apnea, or have a CPAP you can't wear? Dr. Hardy may be able help with an oral appliance made specifically to help you breathe better and sleep better at night. Addressing your oral needs and desires are our top priority. Please don’t wait any longer and contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you.

New from Cornerstone Family Dentistry!

Self-Pay Savings Plan

"I needed a dentist when I moved to South Carolina from Birmingham, and I was very particular! After I visited Dr. Hardy's office, I never wanted to go to another dentist. The office staff is great and I've been very pleased with all the work I've had done."
Lou C.

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