Self-Pay Savings Plan

Cornerstone Family Dentistry
Self-Pay Savings Plan

Who Qualifies?

Everyone without insurance. This is a plan designed to help the growing number of patients without dental insurance. The truth is that it may be a BETTER value than many dental insurance plans.

What Would it Cost Me?

  • Annual membership cost: (2014)
  • Primary member $346
  • Additional immediate family $296

What are the Benefits?

  • 2 professional hygiene cleanings $200
  • 2 doctor examinations $120
  • Routine X-rays with cleanings $60 - $160
  • Fluoride treatments as necessary $70

TOTAL VALUE: $380 - $550

And then come the Big Savings:

  • 50% off Teeth Whitening with custom trays
  • OR $150.00 credit toward dental work
  • AND 15% Savings on all non-elective general dentistry procedures, including treatments for periodontal disease. (Fillings, crowns, root canals, dentures, sealants, etc.)
  • AND 15% Savings on Cosmetic Dentistry
  • AND 15% Savings on Implant procedures

What's the Bottom Line:

The bottom line is this: at the very minimum, if you come for two cleanings a year, you save about $35. Add in the family member discount, free fluoride treatments, 50% off teeth whitening or $150 credit, and 15% savings on most dental treatment and you save HUNDREDS to THOUSANDS of dollars per year. That's it! The only way you can lose is if you don't come for your two preventive care appointments.

Do I Have to Pay it All at Once?

NO. You can pay the annual membership fee in 4 consecutive monthly payments via automatic bank draft of $99 for a total of $396. (Note that it costs $50 more to do so)

What's the "Catch"?

There is no catch. Really. There are some limitations, exclusions, and patient responsibilities but like we said above, at the very minimum, if you keep your two preventive hygiene appointments, you come out ahead.

It's a Win-Win. You Win and So Do We.

These are significant reductions, and we do not reduce our fees like this for insurance companies, so how are we able to do this? It's quite simple really. All we ask is for you to be a committed patient. By that we mean: keep your appointments; pay your bills; comply "reasonably" with the doctors recommendations for your health; provide feedback via our online review system; and finally, if you are happy with our services refer your friends, family and coworkers.

Enroll Today.

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