Migraine Headace and TMJ Treatment

Freedom from Chronic Pain

Freedom from
Chronic Pain


Relief Secrets Revealed by
Dr. Tom Orent

Millions have suffered years of chronic headache and facial pain. Many of those are the result of an imbalance between the Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ), the muscles of chewing, and the teeth. 95% of those cases can experience long-term drug-free relief. Often within 24 hours! Learn the cause-and-effect relationship, and how proper diagnosis can lead to a happier, healthier life.

"Chronic headache and facial pain sufferers experience a silent segregation from the world around them. Their plight is often invisible to the outside world, save those who would read their pain."

Chronic headache and facial pain can range from being occasionally distracting to totally debilitating. Some sufferers have said that others cannot readily imagine their plight without having experienced it personally. Those whose symptoms are mild and infrequent may not even question the source. Others, who've lived with the ongoing battle, may wonder if they'll ever find long-term relief.

Could it be a dental problem? A large number of cases involving headache, muscle spasms and jaw joint pain are absolutely a dental problem. The Medical and Dental professions increasingly are becoming aware of the intricate relationship between proper bite and the muscles and nerves of the jaw joint. A very delicate and predictably reproducible balance must occur in the chewing system for total harmony, comfort, and stability.

For a large number of patients with facial pain and head-aches, the problem and its solution revolve around one of the most complex joint in the body - the Temporomandibular Joint (TMJoint). The condition is referred to as Temporo- mandibular Joint Syndrome, or TMJ. It is not a disease: it is a simultaneous occurrence of a number of problems associated with the jawbone, nerves, and chewing muscles.

For decades, Medicine and Dentistry have overlooked the Temporomandibular Joint as a potential source of problems. With today's new technologies and increased understanding, dentists with specific, advanced training in TMJ disorders can diagnose and successfully treat the large majority of these cases: in fact, if a TMJ disorder is determined, predictable long-term relief is achievable 95% of the time - via a wide range of dental treatments. For long-term relief, TMJ treatments address the cause of the imbalance and subsequent pain, rather than just treat the symptoms.

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Freedom from Chronic PainIn 1996 Dr. Tom Orent wrote the book, "Freedom from Chronic Pain - Relief Secrets Revealed" for his patients suffering from undiagnosed facial and headache pain. Although the book is still available through Gems Publishing ($16.77 includes shipping. 1-888-880-GEMS).

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