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The photos show a sampling of results and are for illustrative purposes only.
Individual results may vary.

"Dr. Hardy & Staff,

After being to consult after consult with a number of different orthodontists I was afraid that my situation was hopeless. I heard something different from every office I went to - I'd need braces for 3-5 years, jaw surgery is the only option, etc. I was ready to give up and just deal with my crooked front teeth when I heard an ad on the radio for 6 Month Smiles... After researching it online, I found Dr. Hardy's office. I decided to try one last consult and I'm so glad I did! 4 short months later, I have what I've been wanting for the past 4 years - straight teeth! I want to thank you all so so much for making my 6 Months Smiles treatment a success. I couldn't be happier with the results and now feel more confident then ever!

Thank you Dr.Hardy for my fabulous smile. I could not have pictured the extreme transformation of my teeth. I appreciate the hard work you and your team did for me. All so the kindness and compassion I received during my visits. After 48 years I can now say I love going to the dentist.

Thank you,"
Brenda M.

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